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Tawnya Gentleman Fantasy Artist Painter
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Artist Tawnya Gentleman, known in the art world as "Tawnya" has had a love and passion for art throughout her entire life. Tawnya was born in a small cowboy town of Cheyenne Wyoming in 1972. As a child Tawnya traveled the world with her military family, to places like Germany, England, Greece, Guam, & Alaska to name a few.  As a young child Tawnya was greatly influenced by the many cultures and styles of artistic expression. Tawnya has always been a nature lover and as a young girl would spend hours alone in the woods drawing various insects, trees, and other gifts found in nature. It was art that literally gave Tawnya's life meaning and a sense of purpose and direction.

During Tawnya's high school honors art class she was blessed with a wonderful art teacher Mrs. Burkholtz who allowed Tawnya to venture out into the fantasy world and explore her own imagination. It was at this time that Tawnya's art evolved from simply drawing what she saw in a realistic way, to drawing what she felt and imagined life could be.  During high school an art scout from a graphic design school in Arizona came to Tawnya's school to meet the artist and offer her acceptance into their design school. Tawnya was awarded with a partial scholarship and packed her bags for Arizona.

Tawnya studied in Arizona and received her Associates of Arts Degree in graphic design graduating with honors in 1991. Tawnya enjoyed all she learned during her connection with the graphic design school, however she felt unfulfilled as an artist. It was at this time Tawnya realized she had a passion for fine art and not for graphic design. Tawnya was married in 1992 and had her first child in 1994. She devoted many years to raising her children and began her career as a fitness instructor and trainer. Tawnya enjoyed volunteering in her children's schools teaching art classes for many years. And has become quite famous as one of the most sought after face 
painters the children all love.

After several years of soul searching Tawnya realized she needed to give life to her inner visions and she began to paint. Tawnya has had many wonderful art teachers throughout her life that have inspired her and shaped her. Yet the decision to paint was her own and she taught her self through trial and error. Tawnya later began to take painting classes at Chandler Gilbert Community College in Arizona. It was here that she met a wonderful art teacher by the name of JD Parrish. JD helped Tawnya grow and evolve as an artist and is one of her favorite & most influential art teachers.

Tawnya and her family moved to Vancouver Washington in 2005. It was here in the beautiful fairy forest that Tawnya's art truly began to take flight. After traveling the world Tawnya felt she was "home". She has shown her work in many art galleries here in the North West. Tawnya has been invited to many Art Shows and wine tastings as a featured artist. Her work can be found in spiritual bookstores, Spas, Yoga Studios, Art Galleries, Businesses and private collections in the homes of her fans and followers.
Tawnya's style has been described as "Fantasy", as she loves to play with bright color and share with her fans the unlimited creations of her wild imagination. Tawnya loves to share with the viewer not only a beautiful painting, but to invoke a sense of emotion within each & every brush stroke. Her paintings tell a story and inspire us with a world that lives deep within her playful and creative imagination.

"As an artist, I love to inspire playfulness and imagination. I paint from a space of connection to my higher spirit and as I approach the canvas, I simply listen. My higher spirit speaks through the visions within my inner eye. I have learned the art of letting go and trusting in the process. This is why I humbly give all credit to higher spirit, for I am simply hearing the calling and sharing this message  and playfulness with the world. I love how spirit shares a feeling and sense of playfulness, peacefulness, magic and joy within each brush stroke. I am constantly inspired by the beauty of nature all around me, and it is my intention to protect and nurture the gorgeous earth, trees, and plants that we have been so greatly blessed to enjoy. I Love to paint, I love to create, I love to inspire!  Peace & Namaste"
The artist currently resides in the beautiful fairy forest in Vancouver, Washington living her dream as a successful artist and protector of the environment



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