Flower Closeup
Mt Rainier and Flowers
Three Sisters, Sparks Lake and Reflections
Mt Rainier Reflection

Artist Profile

Kenneth E Meyer

Media: Photography (Digital Prints)


Mission: Capture the beauty of nature and share it with the world

Inspiration: Family Vacation Photos,  Ansel Adams, Art Wolfe, Ray Atkeson and  many other published Nature Photographers

Experience: 25 years the (first 20 in film)

Subjects: Wildlife, Flowers, Sunsets, Sunrises, Landscapes


My passion is getting outdoors and communing with the natural world. My free time is spent at local wildlife refuge, or some other natural place. When I am running around in nature I am planning a trip or wishing I was there.  It is how feed my spirit.

Photography is my way of capturing special places and moments and sharing them with others. Every place has something special, so I rarely venture into the wild without a camera. I find beauty in the details and contrast. I am constantly searching for details in wildlife and flowers. The more intricate the detail revealed in the subject the happier I am. When it comes to landscapes, sunsets, and sunrises I am looking for splashes of color. Flowers in mountain meadows and reflections in mountain lakes are my favorite landscape subjects.



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