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Connie Ford: Multi-Media Artist

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At an early age I did stitchery and by age 10 was making some of my own clothes. During my elementary school years, my teacher, Brad Katzele had a huge influence on my interest in art. That interest has increased over the years. In high school, a teacher, Bob Peck, expanded that interest, and I have doing art of some kind ever since.  At the college level, I majored in education and minored in art.

I retired in 2010 after a career in elementary education that included teaching at the intermediate level and as a building principal. As a teacher, I incorporated art in lesson planning often. I discovered that students who may not experience as much success in other subject areas, would shine when doing art. As a principal, I was able to influence the hiring of art specialists in both buildings where I served.   I represented rural schools at the Washington State level in developing art standards and assessment tools.

My interest in basket-making began about fifteen years ago when I took multiple classes from Marg Anderson, master basket-maker and collector. Marg taught me how to harvest and prepare local materials such as sweet grass and cedar bark. Not only did she teach techniques but instilled a love for baskets and basket-making.  I owe Marg a debt of gratitude for her mentorship and inspiration.

While interested in a variety of art forms such as spinning wool, knitting, and crochet, another love is working with metal.  In our travels, there is a constant look-out for materials to incorporate into the design of jewelry.  Recently, I have been working on a series of Montana agate pieces.

Now that retirement age is here, the time for doing art has increased along with the ability to support the arts in the community. I am currently an active member and past board member of the Battle Ground Art Alliance. This past summer, I chaired the Harvest Days’ Art Show and am a member of the grant committee for BGAA.


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