Pursuit of Excellence

The American Bald Eagle
Our national bird, the only eagle unique to North America
with vision at least 4x that of a person with perfect vision.
" With Electrifying vision and insight
You inspire us to take flight
Prompting inner self to surface
Sleek and chiseled with grace
You are here and now
reminding us to never allow
the illusion of limitation
to ground us in imagination" - Donna T
Photographed in Ridgefield, Washington, this beautiful bird allowed me to
pass under him for a photograph on the best side of the sun and
looked back at me to acknowledge my presence.
It's no wonder this wonderful bird is our national emblem
and worthy of such symbolism.
24x30 Laminated print can be cleaned with a soft wet cloth.
Locally Handcrafted Barn wood Frame by James Griggs
Available: Only One at Mill Creek Pub July 24, 2013 Exhibit 6-8PM